Partner With Us

Make a true difference in the life of a young child battling cancer or leukemia, or any elementary school age children.

ABCandME is looking to partner with caring companies and individuals who want to make that difference by joining us as a sponsor.  Sponsorship will provide critical funding for books, ebooks, quilts, posters and coloring books for use in Children’s Hospitals as well as art supplies for Elementary schools. We’re looking for companies and individuals who want to support this effort and make a difference in two ways:


Art and Music Therapy for Young Cancer and Leukemia patients.  Helping fund this effort provides the following to children battling cancer and leukemia:

  1. The wonderfully illustrated Book/ebook When You And I Are Fast Asleep
  2. Beautifully designed and hand-made Quilts complete with the entire book’s stunning illustrations printed on the quilting material
  3. Whimsical full color posters for children’s walls
  4. A lovely 36-page coloring book complete with all the book’s illustrations plus many more magical scenes from the book


When You And I Are Fast Asleep Interactive Art and Planning Project (IAPP).

ABCandME has developed and conducted numerous extremely well received presentations and interactive workshops with elementary school children and staffs. These presentations have been developed to inspire children of all ages to excel in school and have fun while doing it. Through the use of our books, music and presentations, we present to the children and the staff what it takes to plan any project, including goals, budgets, schedules...The K-6 grade children can then use the tools we give them, and our inspiration to develop their own books, songs, poems or Any project they may work on in the future.

The ABCandME IAPP efforts provide the following benefits:

  • Inspire children to further their art and music skills
    • Allows children to start their own illustrated book and/or songs
  • Enhance children’s Critical Thinking Skills
    • Assist children in understanding what is needed in planning a project
  • Improve Social Skills
    • Allows children to present their art/music projects to their classmates and parents
  • Build children’s Self Confidence
    • Participate in art activities with peers and provide criticism and praise to one another. The feedback they give to each other builds self-respect and confidence

Want to make a difference and help inspire children to excel in Life? Join us and our team to make a difference! 

Recently our team presented the When You And I Are Fast Asleep Interactive Art and Planning Project to the entire Old Rochester Elementary School, MA staff and Kids (over 750 (K-6 grade children).  The presentation was so well received and inspired so many children that ABCandME now uses this presentation as the base for all future IAPP efforts nationwide.